Time Management

How often do we use the excuse of "not enough time"? The answer is far too often. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. What makes some people more effective than others is how they use this time. These sessions are designed to help us make the best use of our time and be more efficient with our actions.

Time and Priority Management

This is a keynote address with a variety of practical tools designed to help the audience make better use of their time, understand how to manage their time and how to teach others to improve their time management. The audience will leave with a new outlook on time management and what they and their co-workers should be doing to manage their time to increase business and optimize their work/life balance.

High Payoff vs. Low Payoff Activities

If you could spend 100% of your time doing what brings the most value and revenue to your business and what you enjoy doing most in your business, how much happier, productive and successful would you be? We all know the answer, but how do we get there. In this session, the focus will be to analyze the value of time and what we want to do with our time as well as what others should be doing on your behalf. The audience will leave with clear, practical tools that will enable them to separate the tasks they perform from the tasks that will or should be performed by others. We will also discuss implementation and maintenance of these activities.

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"Your organization will benefit greatly from Daryl's messages and in the style he will deliver them in."

— Randy Levine