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Steve Scanlon

Executive coach talks about Daryl's ability as a professional speaker.

Randy Wagner

Mortgage banker admires Daryl's ability to connect with people.

Steven G. Kaplan

Entertainment industry exec points out Daryl's "star quality."

Robert Trematerra

Ex-employee confirms the inspiration Daryl provided to him.

Ronald Munman

Recognizes how Daryl takes his real-life experience and uses it to help others.

Randy Levine

Daryl's past business partner highlights Daryl's ability as a leader and a speaker.

Marin Milio

After experiencing one of Daryl's sessions, she is eager to apply his lessons.

Jeremy Snyder

Audience member who was revitalized by Daryl's presentation.

Gary Bernstein

Places Daryl at the top of his list of inspiring and impressive people.

Rosanne Geraty

Was amazed at the impact Daryl's presentation had on her and her associates.

Jor Law

Gives Daryl a five star review (out of a possible five stars).

Art Lewin

Clothing company owner shares his employees' rave reviews on Daryl's performance.

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"Daryl's services would be extremely beneficial to many sports teams."

— Jeremy Snyder