Personal Growth Sessions

It is our duty in life to grow as people. Whether it be for ourselves, our families, our businesses, or our communities, the more we improve, the more we can positively impact others.

My personal story is that of a man who lived both a troubled and rewarding life. I have overcome a challenging childhood and the tribulations of ADD. I have built an incredibly successful business and married the woman of my dreams. I have also been blinded by the attraction of money and seen the company that I built disintegrate before my eyes, leading to serious health conditions. From this personal rollercoaster, I have developed practical tools and lessons that all of us can employ in our own lives. These personal growth sessions are a powerful means to help those who take part in them to improve their lives and their businesses. If this is the first time I have spoken to your group, this presentation is very powerful.

Life Planning

Of all the sessions I offer, this one can be the most rewarding. Over the course of a full day, participants will honestly assess what is most important in their lives (family, career, hobbies, health, wealth, religion, etc...) and envision what the future holds for each. Practical steps and action plans will be created to reach these visions. Participants will leave with a complete life plan which will ready them to create the personal and corporate life they want. For many, this day can be life changing.

The Importance and Practice of Self Awareness

This is a keynote address with a variety of practical tools to help raise awareness of what we are saying and doing and how it affects other people. This keynote has a series of excellent tools for the audience to make immediate improvement in their relationships at home and at work.

Finding and Creating Your Personal Mission/Purpose

At some point in our lives, we have all asked ourselves why we were put on this earth. Discovering your purpose in life can be a powerful self improvement tool and can lead to great things. From this session, audience members will leave with the tools to create their own purpose and how to teach others to find and create their purpose.

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"Daryl helped me to unleash the tools I have inside myself to become a leader, and to truly care for and nurture my relationships."

— Robert Trematerra