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" . . . an inspiring and instructive business biography that teaches and advocates for a different way to conduct our professional lives . . . "     Read Read StrategyDriven Review

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"This caring and enlightened executive has developed a near flawless coaching technique." raves the reviewer, as she describes Daryl's unique talent.      Read Read 800ceoread Review

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"There is something oddly compelling about this book . . . it will help to either reinforce or change current business practices," is the concensus from this reviewer.      Read Read 800ceoread Review

Cathcart Institute "I just finished your excellent book. Nice work, my friend! I'm impressed with the way you structured the messages around the unfolding story of your illness and recovery. It's also admirable that you have the courage and wisdom to share so much self-disclosure. You are an impressive and substantial man; thank you for sharing your message and yourself."

– Jim Cathcart

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Readers from all professions and walks of life have been affected by Heart Leader. Here's what they have to say.      Read Read Consumer Reviews

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"Daryl's services would be extremely beneficial to many sports teams."

— Jeremy Snyder