Simply stated, the more focused we are, the more efficient we can be. This applies to both our work and personal lives. Maintaining focus is a challenge for many of us, but one that can easily be overcome. These sessions can help put you and those around you on the right path.

Non-Negotiable Daily Disciplines

An impactful presentation, this address is designed to assist any business and/or individual in bringing added discipline and consistency to their lives. The session not only covers what we need to do on a daily basis, but also springboards into weekly, monthly and yearly non-negotiable disciplines. The audience will leave with a very focused set of guidelines that will help them create more effective self-discipline, helping to make them more affective at home or at work.

Keys to Sustaining Your Disciplines

Knowing what type of discipline one needs is often the easy part. Creating and maintaining this discipline is often not. This keynote focuses on how to keep the disciplines in your life and business on track and how to ensure that what must be done gets done. Diving into accountability and consistency, the audience will leave with a new and greater understanding of how to stay focused and get refocused should they veer off track.

"Must Have" List

For many, decision making can be an arduous task. Using a practice I have implemented in my own personal and professional lives, this session will teach the audience how to create a "must have" list that will serve as an intellectual guide to decision making. It has been said that the furthest distance you will ever travel is the distance between your head and your heart. By using the "must have" list, we will make decisions with greater clarity, success, and purpose. The audience will leave with practical tools that can be used over and over to help them in their decision making at home and at work.

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"Every time I watch Daryl speak, I am amazed at his ability to make me feel like he is only speaking to me."

— Randy Wagner