Efficiency Sessions

More than enough has been said about the fast paced world we are currently living in. How we choose to manage this pace is up to us – both at work and in the home. These sessions are designed to help us be as efficient and effective as possible.

Strategic Initiatives

A powerful, full-day interactive seminar, this session will help the audience in identifying, writing and prioritizing the key initiatives for their life and/or business during the next 12 months. Participants will leave with a specific plan on what will be done, who will do it and when each step will be completed.

The Champions Way

This is a keynote focusing on the "way" in which audience members do things compared to how the most successful people do the same things. The session will map out clear and attainable "ways" to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue through examining "your way" and improving those behaviors. The audience will leave with practical and reliable tools enabling them to improve how they operate their daily business and life.

The Four Stages of Competence

Moving from incompetence to competence is no easy task. This session is a great teaching tool for any group. The audience will travel through the Four Stages of Competence, helping to master areas of their business and personal lives where they may be totally ignorant. The group will move from knowing that they don't know about something to knowing why they do know about something.

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"Daryl helped tremendously in guiding us in the right direction. What a great way to start the new year!"

— Marin Milio