Customer Relationships

We are all customers. Provide us with an enjoyable experience and a good product or service and we'll be back. Fail once, and we are on to the next provider. These invaluable sessions will help your business build customers and referral sources for life.

Getting to Know Your Customers

How well do you know the people you sell to? How well do they know you? This is a keynote based on the premise that people do business with people they like and trust. Attendees will walk away with a template of important questions that will help them build a more personal relationship with customers and referral sources. They will learn the importance of knowing their needs and wants, likes and dislikes and what action steps they can take to gain this knowledge. They will have a greater awareness on what specific questions to ask during meetings with customers and referral sources and how to use the answers they receive to deepen the relationships.

How to Create Customers for Life

Attracting new customers is always a challenge, but how do you build their loyalty and turn them into a customer for life, and just as importantly, a source for referrals? This keynote touches on a series of tools that can be used to ensure your customer calls on you time and time again. The audience will learn about database mining, time management, life planning, business vision, personal vision, trust and likeability and other elements that will enhance their abilities to earn their clients trust and business for life.

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"Every single one of us involved had a great experience -- Daryl definitely went above and beyond all of our expectations."

— Rosanne Geraty