Business Management

Leadership comes in many forms. From long term visioning to day to day implementation. These sessions will provide managers with effective tools that will create a more successful and efficient staff and culture.

Database Creation and Management

Our business resources are our pipeline to growth and a viable database is a "must have" in today's business climate This keynote provides practical tools and ideas for companies to stay in frequent touch with clients, referral sources and vendors. If you aren't reaching your clients and referral sources on a regular basis, you can bet your competition is. The audience will learn how to effectively organize and manage their own database and gain an understanding of how best to communicate with their network at various times (phone, email, snail mail, advertising).

Performance Evaluations

Developed over years of personal experience, this keynote was created because of a dire need to improve the "heart" aspect of evaluating employees. The discussion will focus on how the "360" can help your organization and how evaluations should be performed on the employees who are below and above you on the organizational chart. The audience will leave with a greater confidence and eagerness to perform evaluations in a way that everyone leaves happy and inspired about the future.

How to Plan and Lead Efficient and Effective Meetings

Many people dislike attending meetings and derive little benefit from them. They are often too long, unfocused, and essentially ineffective. In this keynote the group will be provided with practical and specific tools designed to improve the quality and likeability of meetings. Rather than dread meetings, employees will look forward to participating and learning what they are accountable for. The lessons from this keynote can also be applicable to family and other group meetings.

Crucial Conversations

Many of us often avoid difficult conversations with family, friends, co-workers and employees because of fear and anxiety. Yet how we handle these conversations can often set the tone for what the response will be and how it will be given. This keynote will teach the audience how to have these conversations in a way that will strengthen relationships and lead to the most desired outcome for all parties involved.

Effective Leadership

What makes leaders great? Why do people choose to follow some and not others? What are the traits that all great leaders possess? Is leadership innate or can it be taught? We will delve into and answer these questions in discovering that we all have the ability to lead. The audience will leave with a greater understanding of how great leaders think and act and how they can improve their own leadership skills.

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"I received about a dozen calls thanking me for bringing Daryl in. The feedback on his presentation — and him — was outstanding."

— Art Lewin