My Mission in Life is to Empower Others to Help Themselves

Sounds simple, doesn't it? In reality, it's a life-long process. Luckily, I'm not new to this game. As president/owner of my own companies for almost twenty years, I have conducted more than a thousand of keynote addresses, and half and full day seminars, besides acting as a business and personal consultant.

My work is to inspire, teach and motivate others through sharing my story of success and loss, and I how I found meaning. Furthermore, I offer real-world tools that can improve all facets of their lives and businesses.

Achieving Success in Business

From 1991 until 2007 I owned and operated United Pacific Mortgage, a mortgage-banking firm. The unique selling proposition of both United Pacific Mortgage and our second company, Mandalay Mortgage (1997-2007), was the quality of people we hired — and the way we treated them. We created and fostered an extraordinary corporate culture.

Extending this culture to our clients, we achieved amazing results. Our two combined companies, prime retail and sub-prime wholesale, closed approximately three billion dollars in annual loan volume. We employed over 550 employees/loan originators, and generated approximately sixty million dollars in annual gross revenue.

Facing Personal Challenges

Eventually we made the decision to become part of Countrywide in July 2007. Within a few weeks of the deal closing, the credit crisis/mortgage crash occurred and Countrywide and the former United Pacific Mortgage were decimated by the changes in the economy and in the mortgage business. This was incredibly painful for me and caused tremendous anxiety, depression, sleepless night and stomach churning stress.

As a result I contracted viral spinal meningitis and shingles in March 2008. Laying in my hospital bed, I thought back on all the success and subsequent failures. I realized that working for a company like Countrywide was taking a personal and professional toll on my life, and that I needed to change direction to put my life back on track.

My Own History

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. As a result of my parents' divorce and our family dynamic, a sense of responsibility for those around me has characterized most, if not all of my relationships. These include friends and employees, as well as family members.

Obstacles for me began early. I was diagnosed with ADD at age 6, for which I took Ritalin for many years. Although the medication helped, I was a mediocre student in school — nowhere near the top of my high school class. Yet I won a speech writing and presenting contest, and was the keynote speaker at my high school graduation. I believe my success came from the same techniques that I teach others in my sessions.

Aftwerwards, I attended a local junior college, but eventually graduated from a California State University with a BA in Communications.

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"Daryl is a coach that actually played the life game with success and has gained tremendous insight along the way."

— Ronald Munman